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  1. But there is nothing particularly romantic about the politics of the Nubian community. There is an open struggle between the old generation and the young, and between the new elite of the Nubian community and the old one. The Mubarak-era Nubian elite consists of businessmen and the so-called traditional leaders of the Nubian community, who have through the years made many “deals” with the state, which have gone against the interests of the Nubian people. The new elite is trying to build its legitimacy within the Nubian community, while maintaining good relations with the state. And they are all trying to claim that they do what is best for Nubians.
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  2. The retired army men initiated Egypt’s Knights at a strategic time. While a party headed by former military men might have been criticized as a not-so-subtle militarization of political life just a few months ago, today, their military backgrounds are more likely to boost the party’s mainstream popularity.
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  3. I was picturing a kind of an Islamic Emirate of Delga. A city guarded by bearded men, spitting on the ground and beating people up. I was imagining Kalashnikov barrels sneaking out of windows. Rumors spread that they were taking jiziya (a tax for non-Muslim citizens living in Islamic states). I was expecting bad guys you don’t want to mess with. The police said they tried to retake the city twice. They failed.

    But they came back on September 16, this time with a massive amount of force. The Ministry of Interior did an “Apocalypse Now”-like operation. At dawn, 18 APCs, six helicopters and six commando units entered Delga. We don’t know if they played “Ride of the Valkyries,” but they arrested 72 people. Among them, two Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
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  4. El fin de la era Mubarak abrió la veda para otra conflictividad, la laboral que, de momento, no se mezcla con el del poder... o no lo hacía
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  6. El ministro de exteriores egipcio hizo (hace una semana) declaraciones a alegando la poca visibilidad de la violencia contra los coptos en la actual situación egipcia. Sin precedentes el hecho de que se visibilice la existencia de sectarismos en la sociedad egipcia -normal, ya que la negación de ella es un principio básico del arabismo-. La visión de ciudadanía y estado, tal y como se concibió en europa en el XIX, se descompone.
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