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  1. Paul Romer y su fe en las «charter cities»
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  2. Un artículo libertario y promercado y sobre todo muy sensato sobre las Charter Cities y el capitalismo de amigotes
    Tags: , , por David de Ugarte (2016-04-23)
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  3. El cantón marítimo y la propuesta de romper con Italia para hacer algo radicalmente distinto... y que suena sensato!
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  4. Quedó claro que las ZEDE serán autorizadas por el Congreso Nacional y estas podrán ser centros financieros internacionales, centros logísticos internacionales, ciudades autónomas, distritos especiales de inversión, distritos energéticos renovables, zonas económicas especiales, y zonas sujetas a un sistema jurídico especial.
    Tags: , por David de Ugarte (2013-06-13)
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    Tags: , por David de Ugarte (2013-01-11)
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  7. The first point is that international legal precedent affords us an abundance of examples in which states freely exchange sovereignty over territories for money. Most Americans will have heard of the Louisiana and the Alaska Purchases, of course, but there are also less well-known cases: Woodrow Wilson’s purchase of sovereignty over the Danish West Indies in 1917, for instance. Europeans may recall cases closer to home. Here one thinks of Prussia’s purchases of sovereignty over Lauenburg and Jade Bay.5 Last, but not least, there is Asia, where, among other cases, Britain recently concluded its ninety-nine-year lease for sovereignty over the New Territories and Kowloon extension in Hong Kong.
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  8. Strong said that the agreement with the Honduran government states that the only tax will be on property.
    Tags: por David de Ugarte (2012-09-27)
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  9. I and the other people who were named to the Transparency Commission wrote a public letter to President Lobo stating that we have no ongoing role in the project. Personally, I have also resigned from the CORED advisory committee.
    Tags: por David de Ugarte (2012-09-27)
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  10. Forgoing the plan to build independent floating cities away from chafing laws, some libertarians--led by Milton Friedman’s grandson, no less--have found something better: desperate countries willing to allow the founding of autonomous libertarian cities within their borders.
    Tags: por David de Ugarte (2012-09-21)
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