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  1. La compañía mexicana Mexichem acordó comprar una participación de un 80% en la firma israelí de riego Netafim en un acuerdo valorado en 1,895 millones de dólares. Netafim, pionera en la tecnología de riego por goteo, cuenta con 17 fábricas y 4,300 empleados en todo el mundo. Sus ventas en el 2016 ascendieron a unos 855 millones de dólares.
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  2. Even if we accept avoiding evil as the mantra of the digital age, the presumption here is that evil is like a line of code that can simply be excluded from the overall program. Oops! Line 45 of that app has some evil in it. Better change it.

    New technologies give us the opportunity to reevaluate the systems we have been using up until now, and consider doing things differently. But the stock-market-fueled culture of Silicon Valley too often focuses on efficiency of execution rather than clarity of purpose. The result is that our best Stanford computer science graduates end up writing algorithms that better extract money from the stock market, rather than exploring whether capital is even serving its original purpose of getting funds to new businesses.
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  3. Pa realisá esaki mester di mas atenshon na krea kontenido di Internet.
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