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  1. El sevicio estará disponible a partir de finales de este mes en algunos puntos de EE.UU. La compañía continúa sus esfuerzos por competir con Amazon.
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  2. Para adictos a la compra online con poco tiempo para buscar ofertas o navegar interminables catálogos de producto. Búsquedas por rango de precio seleccionados por calidad, prestaciones y diseño.
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  3. The company is planning to roll out a new service called Amazon Pantry. Basically, the service would let you relatively easily and cheaply purchase as many household items as the company can stuff into a standard-sized box. Citing three anonymous sources, reporter Alistair Barr says that the service would be available to those who pay the yearly fee for Amazon Prime, which provides free shipping, among other perks. If the items in an Amazon Pantry box don’t exceed a certain weight limit, the report says, the company will ship the box to you for a small fee. About 2,000 products will be available through the program, including the boring non-perishables available at most grocery stores, such as cleaning supplies and canned goods.
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