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  1. Según el analista portgués Marques Mendes dada la diferencia de tamaño entre las dos compañías se trataría de una operación de absorción y no de una fusión. Advierte que de producirse, el centro de decisión se trasladaría posiblemente de Lisboa a Barcelona, lo que sería una «clara subalternización» del país. Señala que Isidro Fainé regresó de su viaje a China relativamente resigando con un no por parte de los socios de EDP.
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  2. With oil prices high, transportation could soak up the supply of cheap natural gas. BNSF, America’s largest railroad and one of the biggest consumers of diesel, said last week (paywall) it would launch a pilot project to test the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in locomotives. Shell, meanwhile, announced it would build two plants in North America to liquefy natural gas for use in transportation.
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  3. Three of the most volatile parts of the Middle East—Iran, Iraq and Israel—are the scene of oil and gas initiatives that could shake up geopolitics there and beyond. The efforts center on three energy pipelines, at least two of which seem likely to be built. The first is an attempt by Iran to supply Pakistan with natural gas. The second is an Iraqi Kurdish proposal to build a 1-million-barrel-a-day oil pipeline to Turkey. Finally, the most potentially disruptive is natural gas exports from Israel, where large volumes have been discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Israel is beginning to seriously mull how it will transport the gas (paywall). The main options have been shipping it as liquefied natural gas, through a long pipeline to Greece, or through a pipeline to Turkey. Analysts have rejected the LNG and Greek options as too expensive, and talk now centers on Turkey.
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  4. La incertidumbre sobre la política energética europea ante el gas lleva a cuestionar las inversiones en el Mar del Norte.
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