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  1. Lo más divertido desde que se inventó el Atlas...
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  2. Market turbulence returned to the eurozone on Tuesday as Spanish and Italian bonds and equities fell sharply on renewed concerns about the health of the European economy and investor fears that Spain could become the fourth member country to need emergency rescue loans.
    Tags: , por David de Ugarte (2012-04-11)
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  3. Euro zone policymakers and the German’s inflation phobias are making all they can for Europe to get into an entrenched deflationary spiral.
    Tags: , , por David de Ugarte (2012-04-11)
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  4. We can’t ignore the (extraordinary) latest on the fall of Bo Xilai. Probably nobody who follows China as a market can, we suppose.
    Tags: por David de Ugarte (2012-04-11)
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  5. In the case of micro-missiles, extreme accuracy allows a radical reduction in the explosive payload required to be effective against soft targets. At 4" from your nose, how much explosive is required to kill you? What would it sound like? Both smart bullets and micro-missiles can be made extremely inexpensively.
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  6. IKEA is planning to design, build, and operate an urban community on 11 hectare’s of wasteland in East London.
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  7. La difícil sostenibilidad económica del sistema eléctrico, la tarifa eléctrica, el déficit tarifario y otros asuntos eléctricos explicados por el siempre directo Manuel Fernández Ordóñez.
    Aviso: no apto para fans de las primas de las energías renovables.
    Tags: , , por indarki (2012-04-10)
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  8. China returned to an export-led trade surplus of $5.35 billion in March, heralding the prospect that a rebound in the global economy is lifting overseas orders just in time to compensate for a slowdown in domestic demand.
    Tags: , por David de Ugarte (2012-04-10)
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  9. Y que hacemos con los polis?? ...
    Tags: , por mayra (2012-04-10)
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  10. El creador de Españistán, Aleix Saló, ahora presenta "Simiocracia"
    Tags: por mayra (2012-04-10)
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