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  1. Esta semana seguramente no ha sido de vacaciones para el equipo de Google Maps. Seguramente también hayan ocurrido varias charlas asinceradas sobre el futuro de Google Maps, no es tarde para corregir curso, pero como dicen... "the writing is on the wall".

    One wonders how Google didn't see this coming—or if they did, what exactly their strategy is here. OpenStreetMap is gaining a lot of momentum, and in some areas even features much better data. The real lesson here is that there's never an incumbent that isn't at risk of being unseated, no matter how widespread the adoption of their product or service—especially if they make an anti-customer decision like Google when it put a price tag on Maps. The situation also points to the long-term strength of open solutions: while a crowdsourced system like OpenStreetMap never could have put together a global mapping product as quickly as Google did, over time it has become a serious competitor in terms of both quality and convenience.
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  2. Los de Torrentfreak metieron la pata.

    Update: Shortly after this article was published we learned that the order in question has been vacated.
    It turns out that the order was drafted by a defense attorney and Judge Schumacher apparently signed it by mistake, assuming all parties agreed on it. This is bad news for the defendants and means that the mass-BitTorrent lawsuits in Florida state courts are very much alive for now.
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  3. Wikipedia no renueva contrato con Google. Enlaces con información histórica y geografíca no aparecerán más en Google Maps, al menos no con la marca Wikipedia. Como todo el contenido de Wikipedia es ofrecido bajo una licencia Creative Commons, Google aún podría utilizar su contenido, aunque no podrá usar la marca Wikipedia. El problema (para Google) es que de hacerlo así, deberían cumplir con los términos de la licencia Creative Commons, que les obligaría a compartir toda esta información bajo la misma licencia. Google Maps es gratis para usarlo pero no para descargar su contenido, por lo cual habría una mezcla de contenido libre y contenido propietario de difícil separación. Google canceló su propio proyecto similar a Wikipedia hace unos meses (Knol) y ahora se encuentra sin una alternativa inmediata para complementar su servicio. Tal vez intenten lograr un acuerdo con la Britannica, pero aún así la Britannica existe solamente en idioma inglés, y no hay ninguna otra cosa que se compare con Wikipedia en cuanto a lo extensivo de su soporte cubriendo tantas lenguas y conocimiento de tal variedad de culturas de alrededor de todo el mundo.
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  4. Les han pillado: Spanish banks bought about EUR68bn of government bonds December through February. Italian banks bought around EUR54bn of government bonds, but also accumulated EUR98bn in bank bonds. Given the current environment, this is unlikely to represent an actual investment in financials, but rather a reflection of retained, government-guaranteed issuance. This leaves Italian banks in a very different position compared to Spanish ones. Spanish banks either had to post existing assets (at generally higher haircuts than for government guaranteed issuance) or purchase high-quality collateral to draw down liquidity to hedge their funding risks. Assuming similar challenges on the funding front, Italian banks are currently long cash compared to Spanish banks. This leaves them in a much better position to support their sovereign going forward.
    Tags: , , , por David de Ugarte (2012-04-07)
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  5. El premio Nobel -que ya tiene 101 años- asegura que el gigante económico chino tiene pies de barro porque no deja espacio al libre debate... el lugar de donde sale la innovación. Se olvida de decir que las leyes pro-propiedad intelectual tienen exactamente el mismo efecto en Occidente... pero claro, si hay alguien que haya intentado vestir de seda al capitalismo de amigotes ese es él
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  6. With the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) monitoring blogs and social media for allegedly inflammatory terms such as "radical", "cops", and "social media", it doesn't take much imagination to surmise that tweets and posts from Occupiers are being mined and scrutinized by the DHS and other government agencies. Just ask Shareable's Malcolm Harris (or better, his lawyer). For those on the ground and their supporters, could pose a more agile alternative. According to Phiffer, can be installed on a wifi router in minutes, though the process is currently only for the tech-savvy (something Phiffer hopes will change.) Once an occupied router is up and running, any wifi-enabled device can access the message board. The process through which each instance synchronizes data with other nodes is quite ingenuous, something like a cross between a mesh network and a sneakernet:
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  7. Let me explain. If there is a list of bitpatterns that are illegal to transmit – and such a list could indeed be constructed with today’s laws – then the only way to find those bitpatterns is to eavesdrop on all the ones and zeros that leave my computer, assemble them by protocol to analyze my communications in the clear, and then sort my transmissions into “legal” and “illegal”. But you can’t do this without breaking and abolishing the postal secret. There is no way to tell one from the other without looking at them in the first place. So, out goes the postal secret, the right to communicate in private.
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  8. However, starting last year more and more BitTorrent-related cases were filed at Florida state courts. The copyright holders in these cases are exploiting a loophole based on the pure bill of discovery, which allows them to demand subpoenas to send to Internet providers without having to provide any evidence. For months this cheap trick proved to be very effective, but not anymore. In the case of movie studio Boy Racer against 615 unnamed BitTorrent users, Judge Marc Schumacher has issued a landmark ruling.
    The judge starts off by describing mass-BitTorrent lawsuits as “fishing expeditions” and brands the copyright holders as trolls.
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  9. Están de semana santa combativa por La Paz
    Tags: , por David de Ugarte (2012-04-07)
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  10. El futuro de la represión en Internet. Los chicos malos preparan una nueva ronda de ataques a la internet libre y abierta, y todo lo que se mueva en ella que no sea de su agrado según su propio criterio. Los acrónimos cambian (CISPA, TPP, ACTA) y el contenido de los proyectos de ley se vuelven más regresivos y simplemente fascistas en todas las acepciones del término.
    Censura corporativa ejecutada por mano propia sin siquiera pasar por supervisión judicial, reescritura de la historia y penalizacion de infracciones de copyright con penas draconianas.
    Como si faltaran razones para pasarse a la cultura libre.
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