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  1. Ben& Jerry's financiará Occupy WallStreet... y Kevin Carson teme que eso acabe rapidamente en centralización, homologación en la izquierda demócrata y la consiguiente pérdida de diversidad.
    Tags: por David de Ugarte (2012-02-29)
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  2. There is an alternative path allowing start-ups to raise capital from a diverse group of stakeholders and structure in a way that doesn’t require the mission to be sacrificed in the name of a fast exit. This tool is called the Direct Public Offering (DPO). It has been around for decades and provides a legal way for enterprises to raise money from their communities, customers, and fans. In 1984, for example, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream used a DPO to raise $750,000 from 1,800 fellow Vermonters to expand their operations.

    The DPO model allows the entrepreneur to stay in control. He or she decides what kind of investment to offer and sets the price. Because the investment is not limited to wealthy investors, the potential audience is significantly larger, creating a more level playing field. DPO investors are often happy to accept returns of 3-5% per year with no possibility for appreciation in value. This removes the pressure for a fast exit and allows the entrepreneur to stay true to his or her values and take the interests of all stakeholders into account.
    Tags: , por natalia (2013-11-13)
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