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  1. Los cromos de Panini, editados con el nivel suficiente de escasez para que no bastara ir al kiosko y comprarse la colección entera, consiguieron crear un auténtico proto-mercado impulsado por la pasión infantil.
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  2. OUR vision of creating an International Centre for Technology in the Isle of Man is closer becoming a reality.

    That was the message from those behind the Manx Educational Foundation as they outlined progress made so far in developing an island centre for IT excellence. based at the former Castle Mona hotel.

    Under the proposals, the historical seafront Castle Mona, which has been empty since it closed five years ago, will become a university providing degree-qualified students for the island’s IT sector and related industries.

    The Manx government has provisionally agreed to underwrite the project to the tune of £5 million over the 10 year period of the proposed lease.
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  3. The mystery surrounding the origins of the Celtic people could be unravelled by a new three-year project. The University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies in Aberystwyth has received £690,000.
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  4. A LEADING university has pledged to use Gaelic as part of its day-to-day functions to help secure the language’s long-term future.
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  5. Depuis quelques semaines, les cours de breton "Initiation" de l'Amicale Laïque des Marsauderies ont repris ... Un groupe d'une douzaine de parents se retrouve, chaque jeudi soir à 20h30, pour acquérir les bases de la langue bretonne dans une ambiance très conviviale. Le groupe peut s'ouvrir à tous, alors n'hésitez pas à vous joindre à nous !
    Tags: , , , por lydia (2013-02-27)
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  6. SCOTLAND’S universities have been told poorer students should make up at least 20 per cent of their roll – with sanctions looming if they do not improve access.
    Tags: , , , por andrea (2013-02-27)
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  7. The Welsh government has welcomed a report claiming universities in Wales are "punching above their weight" in delivering quality research, but stressed the need to target resources.
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