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  1. DESPITE emigration, the population of the Republic of Ireland is increasing. Since 2008, the population rose from 4.43m people to 4.5m in 2012.

    Movements of population are faster and easier than before.

    For the thousands who leave these shores every year, thousands of people from other countries stay or arrive, with the reverse outlook to the people who have left.

    Frenchman Jean-Louis Bigot came to Ireland in 1989.

    He lives in the scenic town of Killaloe, Co Clare, with his Skerries-born wife, Elaine, and their three children.

    “I trained as a gamekeeper, basically,” says Jean-Louis. “But I was in an indoors job and, after about seven years, I started looking towards going to Ireland or Canada, because I’d been selling holidays from that office in France.”

    Jean-Louis’ work has ‘three hats’: He’s a fishing guide; he has an approved guest-house where anglers from France stay during their fishing holidays; and he is a tour operator organising bespoke holidays to Ireland.
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  2. The money spent by overseas travellers to Ireland increased by 4.5 per cent last year to almost €3.7 billion, while the number of trips made was up marginally.

    Some 6.517 million trips were made to Ireland by non-residents in 2012, up 0.2 per cent on the previous year. total spending was €3,683 million compared to €3,525 million the previous year.

    Tourism and travel statistics for 2012 published by the Central Statistics Office show the number of nights spent in Ireland by overseas travellers decreased, however.

    The number of nights spent fell by 4.7 per cent from 50.3 million to 47.9 million, although the number of hotel bed-nights was actually up by 13 per cent to 14.2 million.

    Trips here by British residents fell by some 104,000 or 3.6 per cent in 2012.

    Business trips to Ireland showed the largest increase, rising from 1.098 million trips to 1.182 million trips, or 7.7 per cent.
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  3. In space no one can hear you scream, but they can certainly hear you sing an Irish song for the day that is in it. Commander Chris Hadfield further endeared himself with Irish people everywhere by broadcasting from the International Space Station his version of Danny Boy to mark St Patrick's Day.
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  4. From the Pyramids and the Sphinx to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, almost 70 of the world’s most iconic sites greened-up for St Patrick’s Day.
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  5. Setting off 75 minutes before the real thing, the People’s Parade was billed by organisers of the Gathering and the St Patrick’s Festival as a chance for Irish people to “invite anyone who feels a connection to Ireland to participate in the country’s most celebrated and iconic national event”.
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  6. The number of tourists visiting Ireland rose 4.4 per cent between November and January, figures published today by the Central Statistics Office show.
    A total of 1,248,300 visits to Ireland by overseas residents were recorded in the period, an increase of 52,900 on the same time last year.
    Trips by visitors from the US increased by 12.2 per cent to 159,200 while European visitors, excluding those from the UK, increased by 5.2 per cent to 425,600.
    The number of people visiting from the UK increased only slightly in the period, up by 0.6 per cent to 584,100, while visitors from Australia, Africa, South America and Asia increased by 16.1 per cent to 79,400.
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